2017 Physio2

January 16, 2017


It was a wonderful week with the 2017 Physio2 class! This class was particularly engaging, eager to discuss and not hesitant to challenge information with good questions. They are an honest group – and gave me very helpful feedback on my instruction.

They have not yet been in the clinic, and are just starting learn some basic examination and evaluation skills. And, although some have not had much exposure to what physical therapy is, they are all ready to learn. I’m excited for them to have their first patient encounters. As much as I try to bring case examples and real life applications into the classroom – there is little substitute for what you learn from direct patient care.

Martha, Maggie, Mphatso, Vitumbiku, Vanesa, Ruth, Herniomo, Gomezgani, Abel, Symon, Julius, Daniel, Ebbie, Chidikani, Simon, Omex, Wyson, Tendai, Ephraim, Wezi, Maureen and Reuben…I wish you all the best. Remember that your ability to understand the whole patient will make you an expert therapist who can develop interventions that will lead to recovery.

Thank you for the time we had together. Remember that people will be watching you to learn about physio – so your best, be a leader and change people’s lives.



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