January 16, 2017

There are many things that fill me with joy in Malawi. I’m thankful that I have had these experiences and that I can take their memory with me so that I can relive the joyful moments:

Birds singing at 5 am – unbelievable songs in a chorus

Beautiful birds with long tails in the swamps

Roosters crowing at 3 am – not so beautiful, and somewhat comical

People carrying stuff on their heads – anything and everything

Silence in conversations – the comfortable quiet in a group of Malawians

Children running with me – barefoot, carrying something and still racing me down the trail

The minibus squeezing – always room for one more

“Azungu bho, bho” greetings shouted from afar (no need for a doorbell)

Kids playing all day on a fallen tree – happily occupied

The unexpected “hallway” referrals that keep me on my toes

Lunch hour(s)

Light at 5 am

Buckets of rain

Hurry up and wait, and wait some more

Malawian time

Chocolate cake

Jumping over a river and being caught by Alycia

Enjoying Melody and Alycia’s special curry dish

Laughing with the Malawians as we try to get the charcoal stove lit

Watching Samantha fearlessly bargain with the craftsmen in the Lilongwe market

Candlelight dinners

To be continued…..


One Response to “Joy”

  1. Kathlene Qualls Says:

    ❤ thank you for sharing your joy as it brings my heart to a reflective joyful disposition. Miss you Casey!

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