January 16, 2017

There are so many people that bless my time in Malawi. To mention a few:

Rosemerrie – my excellent and patient Chichewa instructor

Richard – a reliable and kind driver who brings me to Blantyre each year

Rose, Dorothy and all at the Zambezi house – with a warm welcome for me each year

Dr. Mbeya and the medical staff at St. Gabriel’s – a collaborative team, working hard to provide care in difficult circumstances

Dr. Kamalo – one of two neurosurgeons in Malawi who does surgeries daily for children with hydrocephalus, trauma and brain tumors, joyfully and humbly serving

James/Grace/Tandala/Sangwani/Alice – graduated physical therapist students in Malawi who are now teaching and/or providing clinical instruction to upcoming students

Alex Ngalande – a tireless warrior for palliative care, and a leader for the community health workers

Miriam – a visitor with whom my path has crossed for about 10 years, it is a pleasure

Enock and Amy – working hard for the physiotherapy program

John – who cooks, and found a way with little electricity to make Alycia’s birthday cake

Shida – a friend and gracious presence at St. Gabriel’s

Cathy – who solves all my internet and phone issues – while holding her daughter

John and family – who welcomed me for an afternoon meal and visit

Emily – who is doing amazing things in  with Partners in Health in Neno

Ndathokoza…I’m grateful for you all.




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