January 16, 2017

I loved having students with me this year in Malawi – three final year students from the University of the Pacific and one second year student from the University of Malawi/College of Medicine. The University of the Pacific students blogged during their two weeks Beyond Pacific . I learned a lot this year about teaching in the clinic. One of the most important principles that I relied on this year was the idea of giving students space…not too much so that they feel insecure, but enough to grow. It is a constant give and take that went well with all the students. With space, Samantha’s confidence grew during her first experience outside of the US. As her confidence developed, her caring and compassion was so evident to all. With space, Alycia showed how she was flexible and open. She courageously expanded her comfort zones, accepted challenges without hesitation and unselfishly supported others. With space, Melody’s solid clinical reasoning and intuitive handling became clear as she settled into the hospital routine. She was full of wonder and discovery. With space, Ruth evaluated her first patient and showed her remarkable potential to be a great physical therapist. She was smart and inquisitive – earning my respect and the respect of the medical team at the hospital.

Thank you for becoming part of your patients’ stories, and for working together with me to create a caring environment where we can all learn and serve others

What a bright future!




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